Monday, November 20, 2023

Most Valuable Land in Lansing: Taxable Value by Area

 In Lansing, 33% of our city's budget is made up of property taxes. Where does that money come from?

City infrastructure is expensive: roads, pipes, wires, and lines cost by distance, so suburbs with far apart houses often rely on medium- or high-density corridors or a downtown to offset the cost of building infrastructure to reach them. 

Where are the areas that are the most valuable to our city per sq/m? The Michigan corridor is very apparent when taxable value per acre is mapped. You can also see the new developments South of Frandor as well as Washington Square.

Property tax "holes" are visible as well: things that do not generate property taxes such as state buildings, schools, and surface parking lots.

These data came from the City of Lansing open data portal. Thanks!

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