Sunday, February 5, 2023

Lansing's Logan Square: Future Facelift

Logan Square, South Side's favorite parking lot, might be getting a face lift. What would you do with this space? 

a photo of logan square (mostly parking lot) above a map of logan square with its amenities and neighborhood

Recently, on January 31st, the Lansing Economic Development Corporation held an open house for neighbors on the southeast side to discuss what they would like. Suggestions ranged from a better pedestrian network, to various shops/restaurants, and meeting places for locals, like a community center, kid-friendly spaces, or a coffee shop.

Logan Square (one neighborhood member mentioned that it's named for the Civil War general) has had many owners over the years. Currently, it's owned by a California development company called Logan Capital LLC. 

It was built originally in 1962; after the success of Frandor shopping center, developers wanted a similar area, and so built a parking lot of over 2,000 spaces for cars, and attracted stores like Kroger, Woolworth, and 20 others. In the 1980s, like many car-centered outdoor shopping areas, it started decline. The building that now houses Perfect Chinese, Subway, and VIP Status was added later.

Logan Capital LLC purchased it in 2019 and has the ultimate power to decide what the space will look like.

In the meeting, the stated goal was to have an implementation plan done by June, including short and long term goals.

a simplified thematic map of logan square

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