Friday, February 24, 2023

Lansing's Parks By The Numbers: Size

Lansing has a fair few parks, nature reserves and open green space.

Here is poster generated from OpenStreetMap data that pulls all parks, removes their road labels, then orders by size. How many can you list? How far down the list can you get? Hint: not all of these "belong" to the City, but all of them at least touch the city. For example, there might be a county park in here and some natural areas managed by MSU.

Something I learned doing this is that we have a lot of "pocket" parks; sometimes when a house is demolished, the city will put up some playground equipment and a garden, (Prospect is a great example of this)


Here are the top 40:

1. Fenner Nature Center

2. Bear Lake Natural Area 

3. Hawk Island County Park 

4. Scott Woods Park 

5. Red Cedar Natural Area 

6. Parcel B 

7. Hartrick Park 

8. Washington Park 

9. Willoughby Park 

10. Tecumseh Park 

11. Benjamin Davis Park 

12. Frances Park 

13. Fine Park 

14. Grand River Park 

15. Bancroft Park 

16. Crego Park 

17. Hunters Ridge Park 

18. Kircher Park 

19. Rudolph and Dorothy Wilson Park 

20. Theo Fulton Park 

21. Biggie Munn Park 

22. Cavanaugh Park 

23. Adado Riverfront Park 

24. Gier Park 

25. Attwood Park 

26. Holly Park 

27. Moores Park 

28. Ranney Park 

29. Saint Joseph Park 

30. Potter Park 

31. Risdale Park 

32. McKinch Park 

33. Shubel Park 

34. Hunter Park 

35. Poxson Park 

36. Kendon Park 

37. Quentin Park 

38. Oak Park 

39. Keegan Park 

40. Ingham Park

If you made it this far, I'm impressed. Here are the rest:

Porter Park, Beck Park, Marshall Park, Sycamore Park, Gerald W Graves Park, Elmhurst Park, Comstock Park, Forest View Park, Averill Park, Riverside Park, Wainwright Park, Pleasant Grove Park, Elm Street Park, Hillborn Park, Lyons Park, Reasoner Park, Ferris Park, Cherry Hill Park, Georgetown Park, Regent Park, Maguire Park, Horsebrook Park, Clifford Park, River Point Park, Marscot Park, Wilson Park, Turner-Dodge Park, Walsh Park, César E Chávez Plaza, Michigan Veterans' Memorial Park, Woodcreek Park, Lewton Park, Historic School for the Blind Lawn, Kingsley Park, Scott Park, Reutter Park, Bassett Park, Durant Park, Everett Park, Beacon Park, Bluebell Park, Foster Park, Dietrich Park, Ormond Park, Osborn Park, Rotary Park, Elizabeth Park, Caesar Donora Park, Filley Park, Seventh Park, Larch Park, Krueger's Landing, Kaynorth Park, Stabler Park, Glen Eden Park, Capitol Walkway Park, Tammany Park, Hull Court Park, Greencroft Park, Hillsdale Park, Burchard Park, Trager Park, Kalamazoo Plaza, Barb Dean Tot Lot, Reola Park, Wentworth Park, Jones Lake Park, Edmore Park, Waldo Park, Sunset Hills Park, Kimberly Park, Irving Park, The Darryl J Parsell Memorial Garden, Turner Park, Glen Eden Park, aaaaaaaand SWAG Townsquare 🎉🎉🎉

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