Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Air Quality and Citizen Science

 Yikes! In the last few weeks, heat, wildfires from Canada, and some fires in Northern Michigan have created some very poor air quality across Michigan. Lansing is seeing AQI (Air Quality Indices) in the 200s this week.

Inset above is an illustration of Michigan as a whole (viewable at the EPA's website), but Michigan EGLE and two Lanstronauts also publicly report air quality in the Lansing area, as seen here (and online, live).

Typically, an AQI over 100 can cause health problems for sensitive people. An AQI over 150 can cause problems for the general public with 24 hours of exposure. An AQI over 200 means the risk of health effects are increased for everyone with 24 hours of exposure. 300 is considered an emergency.

Stay safe out there and check on your neighbors and animals!

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