Sunday, February 11, 2024

Where Are The Pączki in Lansing, 2024 edition

Ah, pączki day is almost here. This year, in 2024, Pączki Day is Tuesday, February 13. Looking for a pączek? (That's the singular form of the pastries we call pązcki.) Lansing has a large number of locations where you can acquire these tasty treats. Major props to Quality Dairy for not only preparing a passable pączek but also owning the landscape! I'm a fan of their raspberry pączki. Yum! This year they added pineapple upside down pączki. Thoughts?

Our family makes 'em but if you gotta get 'em from the store, where do you go? Here are some suggestions! Smacznego! (Bon appetit!)

Last year, I also calculated the catchment area of pączki in Lansing, if you are curious. Still hoping to get a walkable pączki neighborhood in Forest View and St. Joseph Park—maybe someday!


  1. Yo you left out who are in Allen Street Market and taking orders for Paczki! :-D

    1. Thanks for posting! I'll keep this in mind next year. This map was just where I could confirm you could pick up by dropping in without an order and I didn't see any at ELFCO when I was there. I'll check again!