Saturday, February 17, 2024

Lansing's Downtown Parking By Use

I've written about parking in Lansing before (and our ignoble award), but in this map (created by Lanstronaut Cedar500) of the Capitol Complex's parking divided by use and restriction is currently being discussed on Lansing's subreddit.

Even though Lansing has a lot of land reserved for parking downtown, a lot of the parking is not available to the average patron or visitor. In Lansing, parking lots are considered undeveloped and therefore do not generate  taxes for the city. They also have the effect of making amenities further apart from each other, making an area less walkable. A lot that is reserved 24/7 for AF or the State of Michigan sits empty in the evenings and weekends when patrons might want to use it to go to a show at Grewal, visit a restaurant, do a pub quiz and some shopping downtown.

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