Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Happy 517 Day: Lansings of North America

Happy 517 Day! 

Did you know that Michigan's Lansing is not the only Lansing to lansing? Multiple Lansings lansing in many locations across the American and Canadian lansingscape. The well-traveled among us have vacationed in sunny Lansing, Florida. Perhaps you've seen the beautiful vistas of the Black Hawk Bridge in Lansing, Iowa. Done some shopping in the hip neighborhood of Lansing, Ontario? Sat in a field in Lansing, Arkansas? Perhaps you visited the village of Lansing, NY (which is just South of South Lansing—yes, you read that right) that is inside the town of Lansing, NY (which is correctly North of South Lansing). Lansingception!

Whether you are celebrating by hitting the river trail or getting lost in the Frandor parking lot, I hope you have a nicest 517 day in the capital of all Lansings.

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